The Third Expedition Homes

The Third Expedition

Ray Bradbury damned the astronauts of The Third Expedition in his acclaimed Science Fiction novel: The Martian Chronicles when the world of Mars looks dreadfully familiar. Now, the characters and their story come to life – if only for a moment.

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Adaptation and Direction by
Travis Carlson

Based on The Martian Chronicles by
Ray Bradbury

Produced by
Travis Carlson

Associate Producer
Andrea Guiati

Edited by
Travis Carlson


Captain Nero
Andrea Guiati

Sam Hinkston
Derick James Sherrier II

Angelo Nero
Paul Gabriellini

First Inhabitant
Christina Metauro

Jeremy Melendez

Victoria Irvin DeBerry

R. Marshall Wingate

Celeste H. Varetto

Peter LoJacono

Director of Photography
Travis Carlson

Nick Butler

Best Boy
Celeste H. Veretto

Shot entirely on location in
The City of Buffalo

Special Thanks
John & Victoria Irvin DeBerry
Ron Schwartz
Eugene Cunningham
Andrea Guiati
Celeste H. Varetto
Nick Butler
Shaun McLaughlin
Buffalo State Undergraduate Research
Stephanie Kahn
Valerie Spaeth

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