The Red Tower

The Red Tower

An impressionistic journey across the feral pockets of humanity remaining in the near future. Knowing nothing beyond the protective confines of his hardened older brother, their fortified bus and the routines around him, Lore chases his imagination and hope toward a distant Red Tower, strident on the horizon and whatever mystery it promises. Could there be others like he and his brother? Or formidable creatures heard crying in the night? Their lost father? An answer? Could there be more to life than survival? In the forsaken wild, a flood of diverse creatures, anatomy, plants, historic structures, and emotions meet and drown his senses for the first time – both savage and aware – but all captivated by a journey from the borders toward their own wonder and legends for The Red Tower. The unifying goal and instinctual spirit of man, despite great obstacles, endures as a larger group earns momentum through territories of isolated masters – until the mystery is reached – The Red Tower. A home, watchtower and beacon for the wild’s first tribe.

Conceived and filmed entirely in 48 Hours for the 48 Hour Film Project: Buffalo.

Incredible music from CLANN for the remarkable Kin Fables available here:

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