Imagine. Enrich. Live.


Travis Carlson Pictures is the creative-entertainment company established by, no surprises here, Travis Carlson.

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Travis Carlson Pictures’s Travis Carlson

Our goal is to be happy. We’re happy when we are creating something of quality – preferably it’s somehow innovative, creative and imaginative too.

At 24 years old, Travis has focused on story telling through different mediums in over 26 different countries to the point of completing a two hour feature film, a dozen shorts, numerous feature screenplays, a novel and scores of photographs. Recently these skills have proven themselves in the advertising industry as an Associate Creative Director.

Born in Minnesota, raised in a rural community in Western New York and graduating Summa Cum Laude from SUNY Buffalo State he’s developed cherished roots for the region about which he writes a novel. Yet living and studying around the world has him eager to continually branch out while creating compelling stories and build an enjoyable life.