• 20150107

    Pegula Sports and Entertainment

    Videographer capturing compelling stories for the Buffalo Bills, Sabres and other PSE entities.

  • The Red Tower

    The Red Tower

    An impressionistic journey across the feral pockets of humanity remaining in the near future. Knowing nothing beyond the protective confines of his hardened older brother, their fortified bus and the routines around him, Lore chases …

  • Travis Carlson Pictures-0015

    The Setùbal 16:26

    A Silent Neo-Noir suspense piece haunting a solo traveler to a foreign city steeped in mystery and shadow.

  • Travis Carlson's The Queen City Secret

    The Queen City Secret

    To save his son, a mechanic desperately hunts an ancient artifact the city of Buffalo was built to protect. The Feature Film Screenplay is currently being developed as a Novel.

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